Emily sits alone on the top deck of a bus, her guitar in its case on the seat next to her.

The camera is fixed on her - she looks out of the window as the streets of her home town, Rugby, pass by outside. Emily remains in this seat for the entire video, singing the lyrics. The camera doesn't move from this position, only creeping forward and back slightly… (the video will play out as one-shot, one-take).

Various characters come in and out of the seats next to her, reacting with Emily in a surreal way...

A group surround her, laughing like they're all best friends on a night out; a boyfriend kisses her neck before leaving; a different lone girl cries into Emily's shoulder... but Emily seems removed from all this - rather than reacting back to them, she just continues to sing her song.

All these figures come in and out of frame, just like people in real life who enter your life and inevitably leave again - some under happy circumstances, others sad, some always just acquaintances on the road…

At the end, Emily appears as she started - alone on the top deck of the bus.

The bus stops. She picks up her guitar case and leaves the frame - moving on with her own life, with her music.


I hope we can chat more about this idea: info@jamesarden.co.uk