Rocky, a born-and-bred London teenager, begins to question the strict routine set by her father - as well as deeper feelings about her own identity - after meeting a free-spirited girl in a local launderette. 




LEOPARD is the story of Rocky, a socially-isolated young teen who follows a strict routine set by her father. With her father in poor health, Rocky cooks him dinner, tidies the house and regularly makes trips to a nearby launderette to wash his clothes.  As a teenage girl, slowly becoming aware of her own position as a woman in the world, Rocky passively accepts being made uncomfortable in her environment. Local boys craving her attention, men cat-calling her on the street and her father’s temper are daily impositions, dealt with silently by Rocky. One morning in the local launderette Rocky notices Sasha, a carefree and confident girl around her own age, sparking an infatuation that spurs Rocky to question her place in the world as a young woman, as well as deeper feelings about her own identity…




Leopard is a story about social isolation, budding sexuality, and inner strength in the face of every day misogyny.

I want to make a film that not only confronts uncomfortable notions of commonplace sexual harassment, but goes deeper to explore how such cumulative social and sexual pressure might push a young girl to her limits. Alongside this, I want to tell a simple story of infatuation - Sasha is in many ways the opposite to Rocky; confident and carefree. Their relationship is to be purposefully undefined as we share Rocky’s uncertainty and self exploration.

Ultimately, I want viewers to empathise with a young girl’s  journey to better understand her place in a frequently unforgiving world, no matter how small.