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As someone getting to know James’ style and music by looking through his social channels and content online, I’m left wanting to know more about him as a person and as an artist.

I want to produce a series of videos introducing him to the world, covering a range of topics and giving viewers relaxed, authentic insights into the man and his music: James’ approach to songwriting; his approach to performing; writing specific tracks and what inspired them; how he got into music; his tattoos, his upbringing in Scotland etc.

Logistically, this is something we could achieve in a few days of filming with James. Visually, I think it could be interesting to split filming between James’ current location in London and his earlier roots in Scotland.

We can cut one long piece of content featuring interviews, narration and performance footage, but this content would be strongest and have the longest shelf-life when presented as a series on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook - 60 second cut-downs for the feed, focusing on one aspect of him, or discussing one specific track.

Ultimately, the aim of the series would be to introduce James to his growing fan base as well as set a visual template to build upon with other content.

Example influences

Introducing James Bay

Levis music project instagram video


One of the strongest pieces of content I found of James online was his haircut video with his friend The London Barber - it was lighthearted and authentic, and I wanted to see how it turned out.

James’ beard and style are definitely part of his whole look, and I think there’s a great opportunity there to create a visualiser for a track.

We could rent a white studio space for a day, set up a camera on James and run for the entirety of a haircut and beard trim from his friend The London Barber.

We can spice things up by using lip sync in places, incorporating timelapses, playing with lighting and maybe even using a touch of animation over the top.

This could be a really simple and watchable visualiser.

Visual influences

Chet Faker - ‘Talk Is Cheap’ music video (framing)

Marques Martin - About 2 Die visualiser (white backdrop, one shot)


Him.Her is a dramatic and powerful track deserving an emotional, intimate visualiser which taps into the passion of the artist, James.

For me, this track immediately evoked imagery of isolation, reflection and travelling alone. It made me think how our minds can wander while looking out of the window of a car, bus, train or plane; how we can reflect on people and relationships during solo rides home late at night.

I’d like to shoot a one-take visualiser of James singing the song while on the move through London.

A cold winter’s evening, James gets into the back of a black cab with his guitar case. We start driving; James looks out of the window and starts singing… we don’t move from his face, his eyes. We capture a close-up and intimate performance in a single take, complimenting the emotion of the song.

Logistically, this would be easy to achieve. Aside from camera, we would just require a car + driver for the time it take to capture the performance.

Visual influences

Labrinth - ‘Jealous’ music video (close up emotional shots)

Locke - film clip (for shot style in a car/intimacy)